About NFSU Server

As you know, Need for Speed Underground has a multiplayer. Since 2003 the publisher of the game (Electronic Arts) provided the online service for the multiplayer. However, already in 2004, an alternative appeared. One man named 3Priedez created his own version of the server for the NFS Underground. Thus, the concepts of the official and unofficial server appeared.

After EA shut down its servers in 2007, all those who wanted to drive to the NFS Underground were forced to switch to unofficial servers. A special client is used to connect to unofficial servers. It can be downloaded in the Downloads section.

Server version 2.5 is currently running on the NFSU Cup. The server has been running since June 1, 2013. This is an updated version of the server from 3Priedez. Fixed some bugs and added some improvements. All this was done in order to bring the functionality closer to the official version. It was almost 100% successful.

To connect to this server you need to use the NFSU client and address "www.nfsu-cup.com" or "".