About NFSU Cup

Many years have passed since the release of the game Need for Speed Underground. It happened at the end of 2003. All the advantages of this game will not be listed here. It seems that you already know them. In any case, this information is easy to find on the net.

The atmosphere of the game and the soundtrack and customization of the vehicles made a strong impression. This, as they say, did not go unnoticed. The game has a huge number of fans and many thousands of them went online. So it was in 2004. It was impossible to enter the room. There were no places. The world does not stand still. Like everything that was popular, it loses its popularity over time. Omitting details in 2007, EA show down services for online playing.

NFSU Cup is a project designed for online races on Need for Speed Underground. Our mission is to unite all fans of this game.

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